Human life is not just some property right.

The indivisible right to life occurs long before birth. These rights should not be removed by Parliament.

But this is the exact proposal put forward by activist MPs in the New South Wales Parliament.

The extreme laws before the NSW Parliament will allow late term abortion.

All life is sacred, particularly those of children. Our representatives should be protecting life, not sanctioning the opposite.

But the New South Wales Parliament is trying to rush through radical abortion laws without proper consultation.

The hour of birth is an arbitrary point in modern medicine, and as a society, we should cherish and hold true the protection of human life - particularly the most vulnerable. And the most vulnerable people in our society are the children that are unborn.

Every life is a miracle. Every life is miraculous.

The legislation put forward in the New South Wales Parliament is among the most extreme in the world.

This debate cannot be rushed. This debate cannot be stifled.

We, the undersigned, are urging the New South Wales Parliament to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the proposed abortion legislation - including consideration of adoption processes in New South Wales to reflect the realities of families and their individual circumstances - before putting it to a vote.

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